Fort Lauderdale Broadcast TV Studio

Our remote uplink studio located in Fort Lauderdale, specializes in studio live shots, media training, satellite media tours, green screen video, entire news/sports broadcast show productions, Facebook Live/YouTube Live Shows and much more!

Florida Sun Studios is where all the network news and sports television stations and their guests turn to for remote “live shot” interviews.”  Our studio (servicing Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the Palm Beaches) has filmed more than a combined 5,000 live shots, satellite media tours, news and sports broadcasts.  We’ve produced entire shows with nationally recognized anchors such as CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Fox News’ Jessie Watters, and Former MSNBC/Fox News/CNN Host Greta Van Susteran all live from our studio set.

Media Training Academy

At Florida Sun Studios, we understand how staring into the lens of a camera and communicating with a host and an audience you cannot see, can be quite the nerve-wracking experience.

It’s normal to feel a mix of excitement, uncertainty and fear. Let me let you in on a little secret: Even some of the most gifted public speakers and on-camera presenters you see everyday on television and live in person, experience bouts of anxiety before taking the stage.

Guest Expert

Landing an interview with a reputable television news station is a pivotal first step to becoming an authority in your field.  Ace your interview and chances are strong you’ll be invited as a repeat guest and someone the news stations turn to as their go-to-expert.

At FSS, we understand how critically important it is to properly prepare for an upcoming media interview.  We take things a step further than most live shot studios, going beyond the nuts and bolts of video production.

Media Coaching (In Studio & Online)

We offer our clients media training, both in studio and via remote Skype, Zoom, and Cisco Webex virtual online sessions.  Our coaching is all customized and tailored to fit all forms of media (television, print, radio, podcast, social media).

Whether you’re a seasoned guest expert who’s appeared on news shows hundreds of times, or it’s your first time booked for a live TV news interview, you’ll feel right at HOME as you go “LIVE FROM FSS!”

Broadcast TV News Studio Fort Lauderdale

Live Shots, Media Training, Satellite Media Tours, Green Screen Video Production

How do YOU position yourself as the Go-To Expert on TV News shows without breaking the bank on expensive advertising?

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Our Clients Include

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