Case of former Utah Dr. Martin MacNeil on trial, accused of killing his wife. Criminal defense attorney Brian Silber discusses this bizarre case (from our Fort Lauderdale “liveshot” tv studio) along with Attorney Rebecca Rose Woodland on FOX News. Investigators say Dr. MacNeil helped his wife into a bathtub and drugged her, where she later may have drowned. The doctor’s defense attorneys, however, argue that the wife, Michelle MacNeil died of a heart attack while in the bathtub. The cause of death remains unknown. Investigators say that Mr. MacNeil was angry at the scene, apparently cursing his wife for having recent plastic surgery on her face.

MacNeil allegedly offered an emergency room physician $10,000 to save his wife. The emergency doctor, Scott Vanwagoner says it’s the strangest request he’s received in his medical career because he says MacNeil must have known his wife was already dead.

The trial is set to resume with testimony from police, paramedics and neighbors of the MacNeil’s. MacNeil was charged with his wife’s murder in August of 2012, nearly five years after his wife was found dead in their home. The doctor faces life in prison if the jury finds him guilty.