Green screens are arguably the most-used visual effect in in the media world.  Whether it’s producing commercial videos, satellite media tours, internet broadcasts, political videos, or entire network news broadcasts, a green screen opens up infinite options for your project.  You can literally be anywhere, and your imagination is the limit for what can be in the background.  But, at the same time, poor green screen productions can look fake, cheesy and make an unfavorable impression on your audience.  It’s important to get it right!

So, what are some reasons you’d use green screen productions?  Quite a few actually…


  1. It provides an unlimited choice of backgrounds, giving you the creativity and flexibility to test multiple effects and backgrounds and pick the one that best compliments your final piece.This also means the same footage can be updated later if required.


  1. It saves time and money spent on travel and set-up.Sometimes sending the entire cast to a location halfway across the country isn’t feasible.  With our green screen studio, you can bring all of your props, equipment, and cast to our convenient location to shoot your commercial, broadcasts, and media productions. And filming against a green screen is cost efficient because the environment is easier to control, making the process go much faster.


  1. It makes the filming process more comfortable and easy.  Get the same effect without standing out in the blazing heat for freezing cold.  And you and your team have access to bathrooms and other amenities that just aren’t available with all location shots.  You’re safe from the elements and the entire process becomes much more pleasant.


With all these benefits, it’s not surprising that many people are turning to local green screen video production companies like Florida Sun Studios.  The top networks such as CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC, ESPN, and more use us for remote satellite guest interviews because we provide an HD green screen environment that looks crisp and professional.


  • We have a Tricaster 460 (all in one camera switcher) and control surface. It has air graphics, titling capabilities, Skype connectivity and virtual sets, giving our clients an infinite amount of options and choices to film their production!


  • We have a wall to wall green screen area which means there are no wrinkles, scuffs, tears, or stains on your background to diminish the quality of your video broadcasts or distract from the speaker.


  • We have the optimal lighting arrangement for even coloring to ensure there are no dark spots or discolorations in the final product.


  • We have a news style anchor desk with “side wings” used to film entire network news/sports broadcasts and remote satellite studio interviews.


And beyond state-of-the-art facilities, we coach you through the green screen process. Contact us today to learn more about all the possibilities available with green screen video production.  You’ll be surprised how great it looks and how much time and money it could save your business!   Visit for more info!