Satellite Media Tours (SMTs) are still one of the most cost-effective ways to get your message and brand out to the masses through local media.  It’s a great way to position your product, service, or business name as a “newsworthy” event.


So, what exactly is a Satellite Media Tour?


A Satellite Media Tour (Often called SMTs) is a series of pre-booked interviews where a spokesperson participates in either live or taped interviews with multiple television, radio, or internet outlets across the world from one broadcasting location via satellite.  Essentially what an SMT is doing, is allowing someone to spread their message to multiple markets across the globe in a matter of hours instead of weeks.  Interviews can last anywhere from two to ten minutes and are typically recorded in a professional broadcasting studio with proper equipment, lighting, and production capabilities.  No need for the book author or celebrity to pack his travel bag and fly from city to city!  Nope.   He simply needs only to find that one, convenient studio location his publicist has booked and blocked out for several hours one morning.   He can then make himself  feel at home, calm and relaxed during those host of interviews all lined up from the comfort of one studio set!


If you decide to utilize an SMT as your marketing tool of choice, your spokesperson should be a nationally recognized personality, an industry expert, or at the very least, a person that has personal experience with your brand along with media interview experience.  But, for complete transparency… A recognized spokesperson makes it much easier to book interviews and better markets.


Here’s a checklist for a successful SMT:


  • Pick the right hook. You’ll want your editorial headline to show interviewing stations this is “news you can use”!


  • Pick the right date. If you’re going to spend the money on an SMT, you don’t want it to be drowned out by other major events, holidays, etc.


  • Pick the right location.  Generally, the best places for SMT’s is a professional and local broadcasting studio. They will have all the equipment and knowledge on the process and ensure your taping is the best it can be.


  • Pick the right spokesperson.  Ensure your spokesperson has media training and they are famous, popular, relevant, or however you want to say it. As we mentioned before, the more well-known they are, the better your chances of landing primetime interview slots and premium markets


  • Make sure you have a budget. It’s not just the cost of producing the interview, SMT’s come with multiple cost components that will hit your budget.  Make sure you know what’s coming before you decide on this marketing option.


If you’re in South Florida, there’s one broadcast insert studio that stands out as the go-to option for taping SMT’s, and that’s Florida Sun Studios.  We work with some of the top news organizations and produce Satellite Media Tours for top brands and companies.  Not only do we have the best and latest equipment for HD recording, but we also provide an infinite number of backgrounds for your talent.   Your “expert” will feel right at home in our studios, and we’ll walk them through the entire taping process with ease!

For more information about SMT’s visit our website at or call us directly at (954) 376-4835.