A daring and miraculous rescue saves all 12 boys and their soccer coach who were trapped deep within a Thailand cave. Our satellite uplink studio in Fort Lauderdale welcomed, Rescue Dive Instructor, Paul Sumner who joined a live panel on CNN’s New Day Show to discuss the breaking news as it unfolded. The boys and their coach survived 18 days with limited supplies of food, water and oxygen to sustain themselves.

A truly AMAZING story that captured all the emotion, feeling and conflict/resolution of an epic voyage that thankfully had the heroic ending that we all hoped and prayed for.  Elements that combined make for a most powerful newsworthy story. These miracle boys describe that very definition in their improbable journey to escape, as their soccer coach did his best to keep them mentally strong through prayer and meditation. He selflessly sacrificed his own needs and put the well being of the boys above his, by giving them his rations of food to survive.

This coach took some heat from some as he led the boys to the cave in the first place, but we don’t know all the circumstances surrounding their predicament or the “unknown” forces of nature they encountered/battled along their 18 day journey. What we do know, however, is the heart and soul this coach is made of and how much he cares for these boys. Also, we cannot forget the ultimate sacrifice the first Navy Seal made in trying to save these stranded boys as it cost him his life. And arguably, if not for his sacrifice, this “miracle rescue mission” may not have been possible.

Kudos to the Thai Navy Seals (especially the Thai Navy Seal who risked and tragically lost his life trying to save these poor kids and their coach), international community of rescue teams, engineers, medical staff, hospital, EMTs, support staff, multi-national coordinated efforts, journalists covering the story around-the-clock, all the families and friends involved and everyone who prayed for the safe return of these young men!