FOX News Live remote television “liveshot” at Florida Sun Studios in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our guest, criminal defense attorney, Phil Snyder discusses the case of a woman fired from her job for posing for Playboy Magazine.  The segment aired on FOX News Channel’s show “Happening Now”  hosted by Jenna Lee.     Jessica Zelinske,  a  33 year old Minnesota mom,was featured on the cover of Playboy’s “Hot Housewives” issue last year. She is filing suit against her former employer, Charter Communications based in Connecticut.  Zelinske is suing her former employer for $150,000. She earned a reported $18,000 a year working as an advertising executive.  According to  “Corrective Action Report,” Zelinske was informed she was fired for violating the company’s “standards of common decency.”   Minnesota is an “employment at will” state meaning at will employees can be fired for any reason except for reasons based on race, religion, gender, sex or age.