Our Fort Lauderdale uplink tv studio had the pleasure of welcoming 12 year old Peyton Robertson to our studio set for an MSNBC liveshot. Peyton invented a sandless sandbag that protects homes, businesses against floods. He won the grand prize of $25,000 and the title “Top Young Scientist” Prize from the Discovery 3M Young Scientist Challenge. Peyton explains how the bag was designed and how it works to protect homes in the event of a major storm or flood. The bag is filled with a mixture of salt and an expandable polymer instead of the traditional sand used in “sandbags.” The “sandless sandbag” acts a barrier once in place and the polymer absorbs the water, then swells and fills the volume of the bag. Another nice plus to the sandless sandbag is that it is lightweight (not being filled with sand) and can be easily transported.