You see experts on television news shows all the time. They’re booked on local and network news stations every day. These “talking head” experts are invited to comment on a variety of subject matters, from the economy, to lifestyle and travel related stories, politics, court cases, sports and everything else in between.  They look confident, focused, and present their core message on camera with ease.

You too, know your content, feel comfortable speaking on camera, and are viewed as an authority in your field.   If only you had the chance to do one of these interviews, you feel certain you could do the same.  But how do you position yourself as the go-to expert without breaking the bank on expensive advertising? These experts must have an “in” with the producers and guest bookers to get on television, right?  There must be some way for you to get on the radar of these news shows, too.

You’ve never had any formal media training.  You’re unsure how this whole television live shot interview thing works.  You’ve got a million questions running through your mind:

-How am I going to hear the anchor who’s interviewing me?

-What am I supposed to do with my hands as I speak?

-What if I stumble as I answer the question?

-What if I freeze up on camera?

-What if the show and audience aren’t impressed by my performance?

Your excitement now turns to self-doubt. You begin to ask yourself, Do I have what it takes? 

You need a coach, someone to show you the ins and outs of what it takes to be a successful television news guest.

I’m excited to announce my upcoming book,  TV News Live Shots:  A Media Training Guide To Crush Your On Camera Interview!  The book is a comprehensive training guide that speaks directly to industry experts who are looking to establish themselves as the go-to-experts in their fields. It’s filled with tips and techniques, and covers everything from: how to prepare for an upcoming interview, what to wear on camera, speaking in the language of sound bites, and crafting unique story angles that producers will love!

The book is NOT your regular cut and dry academic manual. It reads more like a novel, as it is filled with guests interviews, storytelling and keeps you entertained and informed from beginning to end.

I wrote this book to act as a supplemental guide for all my media training clients and studio guests who are booked for remote news live shots at our Fort Lauderdale production studio.  I also wanted my media coaching services to reach beyond the South Florida area which my studio and I service.   I plan to publish the book sometime this Spring. The book will be made available for purchase both online and in brick and mortar stores.