How many Boilermakers graduating today know that your tuition costs less than Purdue students paid ten years ago?  Most two-year colleges and four-year universities have continually raised their rates.  Purdue University reverses the trend, freezing cost increases since 2012.  You may scratch your head, thinking, how is this possible?   The cost of living has become more, not less expensive.  And right now, we’re dealing with an unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic and inflation crisis crippling the economy.  So the question is:  How does Purdue defy the odds and pull off a perfect trifecta of historically low tuition, record-breaking student enrollment, and increase its rankings as a top academic and research institution?

Well, the credit largely belongs to our University President, Mitch Daniels.  When President Daniels arrived at Purdue University in 2013, he emphasized acting in the best interests of our students and their families.  Ten years later, he remains steadfast in that commitment to you. President Daniels has succeeded in keeping quality education affordable, further freezing tuition increases since his arrival. This bold move translates into a reduction in total student loan amounts due and more students graduating debt free.

You’ve had in President Daniels, a fierce advocate who has put you and your family’s interest at the center of his decision-making.  As a former two-term Governor of Indiana, Daniels knows a thing or two about economics and investing wisely.  As President, Daniels has invested in Purdue University’s success and your future.  He knows how valuable an education and degree from Purdue University are.  Daniels didn’t want you saddled with unnecessary debt that many students at other universities will unfortunately face.  As you walk across the stage and receive your diploma, know that the entire Boilermaker family will be cheering you on!