Hi Marc,

Just finished reading your AARP article, How to Hear Your TV Better. Thanks for the excellent post! Shared it with my team here at Sennheiser USA.

You mentioned the government estimates an astounding 48 million Americans live with hearing loss. Our company understands the frustration many folks experience hearing their television sets clearly. I’m sure you’ve aware our highly anticipated TV Clear Set hits the market next month. We believe this innovative technology will bring relief and listening enjoyment back into these people’s lives.

Key features of Sennheiser’s TV Clear include:

  • Connect to any TV via TV Connector transmitter or directly to Bluetooth devices, such as tablets, phones, or laptops
  • Play TV sound through True Wireless earbuds without affecting the volume of TV speaker that others are listening to
  • Select one of five speech clarity programs to hear TV clearly
  • Easy setup with the TV Clear App
  • Make hands-free calls on your mobile phone
  • Ambient Awareness with your surroundings while you watch TV
  • Up to 15 hours usage on a single charge

Thought the release of our TV Clear Set would make a nice follow-up to your great article. Let me know if you’re interested!


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