Our South Florida remote uplink studio welcomed Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorneys Eric Schwartreich and Phil Snyder to our studio set. Both were our guests on Fox News’ show America’s Newsroom discussing the latest developments in the case of a Georgia man charged with murder and child cruelty, after his two year old son was found dead in his car. Information has come out that both Mr. Harris and his wife, Leanna, researched “hot car deaths” online prior to their son’s death. More disturbing information has come out in recent days as a detective in the case testified in a court hearing that Mr. Harris was “sexting” different women, six to be exact, while his toddler son was dying in the backseat of his car. One of those women is reportedly to be underage at the time of the incident. Despite Mr. Harris’ objections to the “sexting” evidence, the judge allowed it as permissible evidence.

Police say Harris left his son strapped into a car seat in the heat of the day while he went to work back on June 18th. Records show the temperature was at 92 degrees that day. Harris has told police he forgot to drop his son off at daycare as he was heading to work that day.

Father of boy who died in car charged with murder Fox News Remote Uplink Liveshot South Florida Studio from Scott Wolfson on Vimeo.