MSNBC’s Ed Schultz interviews former Florida Governor Charlie Crist and asks for his commentary on current Gov. Rick Scott’s negative campaign ads slamming the former Governor. Those attack ads against Governor Crist include questioning his release of tax returns and legislation that the former Governor signed into law, [Gov. Scott} claiming the former’s sentencing laws for non violent criminals was bias against minority offenders. Governor Crist went on MSNBC’s The Ed Show to respond to those ads, saying the current Governor is going negative in his ads because he is “one the least popular governors in the country and he’s had policies that have hurt our people.” Charlie Crist also clarified that he has indeed released his tax returns…for the past 10 years, while pointing out that Rick Scott has only released two years of his tax returns. According to Schultz, Governor Scott has spent millions of dollars on television and radio ads. Crist and Scott are locked in a battle for the upcoming election to determine Florida’s next Governor.

MSNBC ED Show Interview Gov Charlie Crist Fort Lauderdale Uplink Remote Studio from Scott Wolfson on Vimeo.