A Trans Asia Airways flight preparing to land at Magong Airport, crashes, killing at least 48 people. The plane, a twin engine turboprop plane crashed and caught fire in the Penghu Islands, off the western coast of Taiwan. in weather that was reported to be heavy rains. The flight took off from Kaohsiung and had been delayed prior to takeoff because of bad weather conditions connected to a typhoon that hit Tawan. According to Taiwan’s Civil Aeronautics Administration says the plane was carrying 54 passengers and four crew members. Our South Florida remote uplink studio in Fort Lauderdale, welcomes Airline Weekly’s Seth Kaplan to our studio set. Seth discusses this latest plane crash on CCTV.

The plane’s flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder have been sent to Taipei. The Taiwan Aviation Safety Council says its too early to blame the typhoon for the crash and has just begun their investigation.

Taiwan Plane Crash Airline Weekly’s Seth Kaplan CCTV Fort Lauderdale Remote Uplink Studio Liveshot from Scott Wolfson on Vimeo.