Our South Florida green screen production studio in downtown Fort Lauderdale is continuing to cover the latest developments in the police involved shooting death of 18 year old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Our state of the art HD studio welcomed back Tracy Martin, the father of Trayvon Martin, who was our studio guest live on MSNBC’s Weekends With Alex Witt. Mr. Martin weighed in on the tragic shooting death that has effected not only the residents of Ferguson, Missouri, but the entire nation. Tracy Martin spoke words of peace and encouragement, offering his support to the Brown family.

Mr. Martin’s son, Trayvon was shot and killed a few years back in Sanford, Florida by then crime watch neighborhood volunteer, George Zimmerman. Trayvon, who was 17 years old at the time, was unarmed, carrying a bag of skittles and a juice before his confrontation with Zimmerman. Zimmerman shot and killed Martin after the two had a physical altercation. Zimmerman was eventually charged with second degree murder. A jury later acquitted Zimmerman of both second degree murder and manslaughter in Martin’s death.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has declared a state of emergency and imposed a curfew in Ferguson, Missouri. Both measures were in response to looting and riots that have taken place since the death of 18 year old Michael Brown. At the center of the case is a white Fergsuon police officer, Darren Wilson, who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager Michael Brown on August 9th. Several witnesses to the shooting say that Brown was showing signs of surrendering, holding both of his arms up in the air, before he was shot multiple times by the officer in broad daylight. Also sparking outrage among the community, is a newly released video by the Ferguson Police Department that shows a suspect fitting the description of Michael Brown, stealing a box of cigars from a local convenient store moments before the shooting. The Ferguson Police Department released the video, saying they were pressured by the media to do so, despite objections from the U.S. Department of Justice. Critics of the police department claim that it was intentional and meant to attack Michael Brown’s character. U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder has authorized a second autopsy of Michael Brown as requested by the teen’s family. Funeral arrangements have been put on hold until the second autopsy is performed. Preliminary results of the first autopsy show that Michael Brown died of gunshot wounds. But the report did not state how many times Brown was shot.

Ferguson Teen Shooting MSNBC Liveshot Tracy Martin Green Screen Production Uplink Remote Fort Lauderdale Studio from Scott Wolfson on Vimeo.