The all new Florida Sun Studios green screen studio in downtown Fort Lauderdale, is the perfect location to film satellite media tours, commercials and short films.    Our new broadcast set is an entire green screen room and truly transcends FSS as the premier remote uplink liveshot studio to the complete broadcast production studio it has become!   Prior to FSS celebrating our one year anniversary, it became apparent to us several months ago,  that we needed to build out a third studio set to keep pace with the constant 24/7 demand of network news liveshots booked at our studio.  But we wanted FSS to be more than just a remote news liveshot studio.  That’s why we built this green screen room that will be multipurpose in hosting:  satellite media tours, internet shows, political videos, producing remote network newscasts and basically anything that can be shot against a green screen backdrop!

The same studio that services all the major news networks (including CNN, Fox, HLN, MSNBC, CCTV, CNBC, Al Jazeera, CBS, Bloomberg TV, etc) is opening up our studio doors to small businesses and individuals alike.  The new studio set is equipped with a tricaster 460 (all in one camera switcher) with control surface, three Sony XDCAM EX1 Cine Alta cameras that are each mounted on Manfrotto tripods with moveable dollies underneath.    We had a custom anchor desk designed with side wings for guests.  The desk sits on a set of caster wheels, giving us the flexibility to move it in and out of the studio set as needed.  Also, we added an 80 inch Sharp Aquos LED monitor that is mounted to a sleek cart on wheels.  When the desk and/or the LED TV set are not needed, both can be moved out of the way within the matter of seconds.  It’s like having the flexibility of a Broadway Theater Show, with moveable fixtures and furniture!   Add to that, a high quality foam backed green screen and the powerful tricaster, we can offer our clients an unlimited amount of backgrounds and virtual sets to use for their productions!  The studio set is lit with broadcast industry standard Kino Flo lights that are daylight balanced (5600k).  And this studio set, like our two other sets, are fully sound proofed with the highest quality fiber glass insulation available on the market.   This ensures our studio team has the ultimate control in producing the highest quality audio, while blocking out any unwanted natural sounds or noises that other production crews face very day in the field.

There are several advantages to filming Live From FSS.  Aside from having ultimate control of lighting and audio, our clients save a ton of money not having to hire field camera, sound, grip and lighting crews as well in some cases [satellite media tours]  very expensive satellite trucks to uplink and transmit their signals to network news stations.   So, if you want broadcast quality production at an “affordable” price that won’t break the bank, visit us at  to go  LIVE FROM FSS!!


Green Screen Fort Lauderdale Production Remote Broadcast Studio from Scott Wolfson on Vimeo.