Our South Florida green screen production studio (servicing Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beaches) is covering the latest breaking news developments in the NFL’s handling of the Ray Rice domestic abuse case that has rocked the league. We welcomed the President and CEO of Women In Distress, Mary Riedel, to our studio set today to discuss her thoughts on this case. Mary was live on MSNBC’s Jose Diaz Balart’s Show discussing the issue of domestic violence, which has become a front and center issue since this story broke. Mary was asked her opinion about women in attendance at last night’s game between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers, who were seen wearing Ray Rice jerseys. Mary spoke about the broader epidemic of domestic violence and the need for the public to be both aware and educated on the matter.

NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, continues to defend his position that he was unaware of the video tape that reportedly was sent to the NFL back in April. Goodell originally suspend Rice for two games when the tapes were made public. Rice was released from the Baltimore Ravens this week, after TMZ broke the story and released video showing Rice’s elevator attack on his then fiancee, now wife, Janay Rice. The NFL has since then suspended Rice indefinitely and hired former FBI Director, Robert Mueller, to conduct an independent investigation into the matter.

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