Our South Florida remote, uplink studio in downtown Fort Lauderdale (servicing Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties) covering the latest earnings news from Spirit Airlines. We welcomed back, Spirit Airlines CEO, Ben Baldanza who was live on CNBC’s Mad Money Show with Jim Cramer.  The largest of the low cost carriers, Spirit Airlines, just reported earnings that beat Wall Street estimates by three cents a share, boosting the stock more than seven percent. Despite the recent Ebola scare, which sent many of the airline industry stocks plummeting a few weeks ago, Spirit’s stock has rose dramatically over the past few weeks from $53 to $71 a share now. Spirit’s motto is very simple: they offer no frills flights at the lowest cost per seat in the airline industry, charging extra for carrying on bags. Spirit Airlines Inc. known by their NYSE ticker SAVE, has the lowest costs in the industry, about 10 percent below its other competitors in the low cast carrier category. Cramer is very “bullish” on this stock, predicting that it will go much higher in the near term!

Fort Lauderdale Production Studio CNBC liveshot Spirit Airlines CEO Ben Baldanza from Scott Wolfson on Vimeo.