Our South Florida Video Production Studio in Fort Lauderdale is covering the miraculous story of a woman who was brought back to life after going nearly 45 minutes without a pulse. The woman, Ruby Graupera, suffered a rare “amniotic fluid embolism” that stopped her pulse, following a routine C-section she had weeks earlier. She ended up giving birth to a healthy baby without any complications. Our remote, uplink studio welcomed Dr. Michael Fleischer who was live on Fox & Friends this morning discussing this incredible ordeal and experience. Dr. Fleischer and his medical team spent 45 minutes, trying to resuscitate the woman by giving her chest compressions and shock paddles. Without seeing any signs of life on the heart monitor, they were preparing for the worst case scenario and were ready to pronounce her dead. But, miraculously, Ruby somehow came back to life, and did not suffer any brain damage or other serious injury.