Our South Florida video production, green screen studio in Fort Lauderdale is covering the city’s homeless feeding ordinance that has sparked a lot of emotion within the community and nationwide. We welcomed to our state of the art HD studio, Fort Lauderdale Mayor, John Seiler, who was live on CNN’s New Day. Mayor Seiler helped clear up some confusion and misconceptions he says the public’s has in their understanding of what the ordinance actually allows for and prohibits. He explained to the viewers that the city was not against feeding the homeless at all (a misperception many people have been given) and in fact, is very progressive  in battling the problem. The mayor reinforced that the city’s goal is to ensure that the homeless are fed in a safe, sanitary environment. Seiler also told CNN the city has “created zones within the city of Fort Lauderdale to disperse the feedings, but actually increased the number of areas [people] can feed the homeless.” The city has opened up religious institutions, such as local churches, and non for profit organizations as places where people can feed the homeless.

Until now, much of the local and national media coverage has focused on the ordinance’s restrictions, painting a negative picture in the minds of some, that the city was insensitive to the human aspect of feeding the homeless. Mayor Seiler went on to explain that the city created specific zones and distances between the feedings, to ensure that the feedings “wouldn’t have an overwhelmingly [negative] impact on any one particular neighborhood.” He also cleared up for the record that 90 year old Arnold Abbott was not arrested for feeding the homeless as was reported in both the local and national media.