Our South Florida video production remote, uplink green screen studio in Fort Lauderdale is covering the latest in U.S.-China Relations.  We welcomed back Ivan Eland,  Senior Fellow and Director of the Center of Peace & Liberty, as our studio guest on CCTV.  Ivan discussed the current status of the two countries relations and the ongoing factors that both help and hurt their alliance with one another.  Of particular interest was the APEC  (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) summit held in Beijing, China this year.  Eland spike about the importance of the strategic economic alliance in trade investment between the U.S. and China.  But, he emphasized the United States’ military alliance with South Korera, Tawian, Japan and others, creates a sense of insecurity and worry with China.  He further stated that these countries whom we are aligned with militarily, are wealthy and capable of providing for their own security, not needing U.S. military presence on their borders.  Eland believes the U.S. should let China “rise peacefully” much the same way Britain let the U.S. do in the 19th century.  Eland believes the buffer of having such a large ocean between China and the U.S. decreases the need of the U.S. having such a heavy military presence in that part of the world.  And that eventually gradually withdrawing our military forces will help ease the tension between the U.S. and China.