Our state of the art HD remote studio in downtown Fort Lauderdale is covering all the latest developments in the aftermath of a grand jury’s decision not to indict police officer, Darren Wilson, in the shooting death of 18 year old Michael Brown. The decision sparked outrage among many in Ferguson and numerous cities nationwide as protestors took to the streets to protest what many believe was an unjust decision. To help provide some insight as to what the Brown Family is experiencing, we welcomed back HOME, Tracy Martin, the father of Trayvon Martin and co founder of the Trayvon Martin Foundation.   Tracy was live on CNN’s AC360.  Trayvon, as everyone recalls was shot and killed less than two years ago by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in Sanford Florida. Zimmerman was later acquitted and found “not guilty” at trial.

Both Tracy Martin and Trayvon’s mother, Sybrina, have spent time with the Brown family, offering their condolences and prayers as they grieve through this most difficult time in their lives. Both Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, like Michael Brown’s parents, stressed the importance for protestors to demonstrate in a peaceful manner and not to resort to any violence. Michael Brown Sr. even filmed a Public Service Announcment, pleading with the public to protest in a peaceful manner. Despite their pleas to the community and the nation at large, there were “agitators” and “opportunists” amongst the crowds who took it upon themselves to destroy, vandalize and steal from the properties and businesses of others. The situation got so tense in Ferguson (and elsewhere around the country) that the Governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, called a state of emergency prior to the verdict being announced and called up the state”s national guard to help local and state police maintain order and keep the peace.