Our South Florida Remote Uplink Studio (servicing Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach County) is working this holiday season, covering the plans millions of Americans have traveling this busy Thanksgiving Day holiday weekend. Our state of the art HD studio in beautiful, downtown Fort Lauderdale, welcomed back HOME, Airline Weekly’s Seth Kaplan!  Seth was live on Fox News’ Happening Now , providing viewers with useful travel tips and ways for consumers to be proactive when it comes to booking flights, and in some cases having to adjust their flight plans.

Seth gave viewers some practical advice on what they should do if their flight has been cancelled. He encouraged airline travelers to print a hard copy of their tickets (and not rely solely on electronic tickets), and also explained that if travelers can be flexible about arriving at nearby airports other than the one they may be headed to (should they find out that their flight has been cancelled) to contact the airline directly and provide them a phone number to text updated information.