A report just released by a Democratic led Senate Intelligence Committee details interrogation techniques the CIA used on terrorism suspects following the attacks of 9/11. The report was released despite warnings from some lawmakers that the results could put American lives at risk both at home and abroad. The report says the interrogation techniques were “brutal and far worse” than what the CIA told lawmakers. Some lawmakers went as far as equating the interrogation techniques (which include water boarding and sleep deprivation) to “torture.” CIA officials have countered the report, saying the techniques employed by the agency helped save American lives and even helped track down Usama bin Laden and other terrorist leaders. Our state of the art HD South Florida remote studio in downtown Fort Lauderdale, welcomed Fox News Analyst Karl Rove who commented on the report’s findings. Mr. Rove was live on The O’Reilly Factor and defended the CIA’s use of enhanced interrogation techniques saying the report has “deliberate intent of diminishing the CIA and further undermining the very concept of a war against terrorism.”