Our remote, uplink studio in Fort Lauderdale, covering the story of a Saudi blogger who has been sentenced to ten years in prison and public lashings for criticizing Saudi Arabia’s clerics on his blog. The blogger, Raif Badawi, co- founded the Liberal Saudi Network, a website that has since been banned. We welcomed to our studio, human rights attorney  and Director of the Lawfare Project, Brooke Goldstein who was live on Fox News’ The Kelly File. Brooke commented on the U.S. State Department’s disposition on this matter as well as critiqued the Obama Administration’s “moral authority” in asking the Saudi Government to instruct them not to implement their own sharia blasphemy laws.

The United States and Saudi Arabia have close bonds on the “war on terror.” Saudi Arabia condemned the recent Paris Terror Attacks, among them the attack that left twelve dead at the satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo in France. But when it comes to the subject of free speech, and the right of journalists to speak their minds, the two countries are on opposite sides of the equation to put it mildly. The case of this Saudi blogger sentenced to prison and public lashings is a clear case in point.