Our South Florida Remote Uplink Studio in Fort Lauderdale welcomes back, criminal defense attorney Mark Eiglarsh to our state of the art green screen studio set!  Mark is on Fox News’ The Kelly File discussing the fatal shooting of an unarmed man in Tulsa, Oklahoma by a 73 year old volunteer sheriff’s deputy. The volunteer policeman, Robert Bates, turned himself in to authorities as he is charged with second degree manslaughter after pulling his gun out and shooting Eric Harris. Bates claims he accidentally reached for his gun, saying he mistook it for his taser. The shooting happened during an undercover sting operation. The sherrif’s office says Bates was not part of the frontline operation and was serving in a supporting role. They say it wasn’t until Harris started running that Mr Bates was thrown into the frontline action. Mark weighs in with his expert legal analysis as he debates fellow criminal defense attorney, Arthur Aidala on The Kelly File!