Our Fort Lauderdale green screen production studio recently filmed this commercial for Spirit Airlines. This “State of the Hate Report” is a cartoon type animation video, whereby a puppet anchor interviews Spirit Airline’s CEO, Ben Baldanza. Spirit Airlines asked airline passengers why they hate to fly. The results of this survey are explained in detail in this video. Interestingly, although it was Spirit Airlines who conducted the survey, what they found was the majority of consumer complaints were about other airlines! The video is very entertaining, while at the same time provides specific data that breaks down the categories and percentages of passenger complaints. 20% of the respondents said they hated airline seats and everything associated with them, including their size, shape, or leg room. 16% voiced their frustrations with lost baggage. Another 15% voiced their complaints about airline delays. Baldanza says the number one concern and determining factor among passengers when booking flights is the price. Although Spirit’s “fee structure” irked many respondents, Baldanza says when consumers are aware and have a good understanding of the airline’s business model, they overwhelmingly save money. And that’s the thinking behind Spirit’s “Bare Fare” model of flights.