South Florida green screen video production studio (Miami, Fort Lauderdale) covering the story of a cyber security consultant who claims he has hacked into the computer systems of up to 20 flights. The latest incident involved a United Airlines flight to Syracuse, New York, where FBI officials detained the man, following posts he made on social media, discussing hacking the flight he was on. Our state of the art HD Studio in downtown, Fort Lauderdale, welcomed back, retired American Airlines Pilot, Jay Rollins, who discussed this story live on MSNBC’s Politics Nation with the Reverend Al Sharpton.

Chris Roberts, a security researcher with One World Labs, told the FBI he has managed to take control of an aircraft’s engine after successfully hacking into the airline’s in-flight computer systems. The alleged hacking incidents occurred between 2011-2014. Roberts was able to access the aircraft’s controls through the Seat Electronic Box (SEB) that are installed on on each side of the aisle on some planes. Roberts was able to finagle the box and attach an ethernet cable with a modified connector to the box and his laptop computer. This allowed him to gain access and control over the inflight entertainment system. Security experts have harshly criticized and condemned the alleged aircraft hackings, Some experts also are skeptical to whether or not Roberts’ hacking claims are truthful and even possible. Roberts claims his only intention is to improve airline security. It’s important to note that he has not, as of the present time, been charged with any crimes.