Our Fort Lauderdale video production studio has been covering a brazen jewelry heist in London where thieves took off with more than $300 million worth of stolen goods. Nine suspects have been arrested as more than 200 police officers raided at least a dozen properties in the north London area.

We welcomed back Larry Lawton, a former jewel thief turned honorary police officer, and author of the book “Gangster Redemption” who was live on CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin. Larry gave an in depth analysis as to the specifics of how such a massive heist was pulled off, predicting that more arrests are imminent. He believes, as do many law enforcement officials, that the heist was an inside job. Police were surprised and suspicious that there was no response to the alarm that was set off after the crime.

The heist happened during the Easter holiday weekend. Surveillance video shows the thieves drilling into a vault at the Hatton Garden State Safe Deposit Ltd, located in central London. They then fled the scene, taking off in a getaway van with the stolen merchandise and dozens of safety deposit boxes. Left behind at the scene, were the suspects’ power tools, crowbars and discarded boxes.