Our South Florida video production studio is covering the story of a man who was beaten by Orlando Police, following a domestic dispute he had with a girlfriend.  The alleged victim, Noel Carter, and his attorney, Patrick Lawlor, a civil trial lawyer and sports agent,  were our studio guests live on CNN’s New Day show earlier this morning telling their version of the events that transpired outside a downtown Orlando nightclub.  Video has surfaced showing  Mr. Carter being repeatedly kicked by police as he sat down on a sidewalk outside the nightclub.  Police say the video only shows part of the story,  that Mr. Carter was the aggressor and intoxicated and resisted arrest.  Noel strongly denies those claims and any allegation that he had any physical contact whatsoever with his girlfriend.  Noel says the two were engaged in a “public disagreement” and that it was the police who actually escalated the situation to the point where he was beaten and tased for no reason.  In fact, Mr. Carter says he feared for his life and ran away from the police with his hands up in the air, signaling to them he was being submissive.

Noel says he was invited by his female companion to attend dinner and a concert in Orlando.   He says he drank a few drinks at dinner (as one would enjoy some drinks in a casual and social setting) and that he was not intoxicated at all.  Noel points to his girlfriend’s police statement that she does not mention any physical contact or abuse by him.  He further states that it wasn’t until police arrived that she began to cry and that the police, instead of diffusing the situation, made it worse.

Noel and his attorney attorney are pursuing criminal charges against the officers.