Our Fort Lauderdale green screen production studio is proud to welcome The Strikers Futbol on air broadcast team to our set!    Florida Sun Studios, the same remote studio servicing all the major news and sports networks, is the exclusive uplink studio for all The Strikers away games.  Our team at FSS produces all the away broadcasts that air locally in the South Florida market on WSFL and ESPN 3.  When searching for a studio close to where The Strikers play their home games at Lockhart Stadium, FSS turned into a perfect fit for The Strikers as our studio is centrally located right in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale.  In addition, the entire league in which The Strikers compete in, the NASL, operates on the same fiber transmission network as FSS does, via LTN Global.  LTN Global is a professional, cost effective fiber transmission solution that our network news clients (such as CNN, Fox News and MSNBC for example) depend on to book our studio for remote liveshots every day. In fact, the overwhelming majority of studio liveshots that are broadcast from Fort Lauderdale are from  FSS and LTN!

Powered by a Tricaster 460 all in one camera switcher, graphics/titling machine with control surface, our production team at FSS produces the entire Strikers Futbol broadcast.  We send and receive all of our transmission via fiber on LTN’s network.  No matter where the away game is being played, (New York, Atlanta, Canada, etc) we receive a “clean feed” of the game, both video and audio.  This allows for The Strikers broadcast team, Bruce Silverman (play by play announcer) and Ed Boreth (color analyst) to see and hear in real time the action that is happening on the field that’s usually hundreds if not thousands of miles away!  We then are able to send our outbound fiber signal, which is the final composite mix of the game feed, that includes the announcers voice overs,  graphics and titles, and commercials (or the “dirty” feed as we refer to it) and then sent to LTN, who transmits our signal to it’s final destination for live broadcast on Ch 39 WSFL TV in South Florida.  Here are some highlights from the Strikers vs. Fury game on September 12th.  The game was broadcast “LIVE FROM FSS!”  (Note:  FSS did not edit this video.)  The edited video is courtesy from the Official YouTube Channel of the Fort Lauderdale Strikers.