Our South Florida video production studio is now offering our clients (both the network news stations and small businesses we serve ) the ability to produce live and taped broadcasts, adding into the mix, a device that takes a standard Skype call and tweak audio and video settings to more resemble a professional studio liveshot.   The device, Newtek’s Talk Show, is a professional studio grade hardware that gives the studio control over a Skype call’s specific video and and audio settings such as:  adjusting the video resolution with automatic aspect ratio conversions  (so an image is not “squeezed” or “stretched”),  ability to connect to HD/SDI camera switchers (such as a Tricaster), balanced audio controls, manage multiple Skype calls by adding additional Talk Show units, built in video quality checks and access to the more than 300 million folks who have a Skype account!

The “bread and butter” of our state of the art South Florida HD Studio has always been servicing the network news stations (like Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, CNBC, etc)  for remote guest liveshots.  Last year we expanded our studio, building out an entire green screen studio set and adding a 460 Tricaster  with Control Surface and separate control room.  The expansion transformed our liveshot studio (which had two studio sets at the time) into a full broadcast production studio (with three sets).  We added additional  services  including:  green screen video production, producing live sports broadcasts, live and taped internet shows, commercials, PSA’s, corporate video production, and anything that could be filmed against a green screen!   Our goal was to provide the same broadcast quality production that our network news/sports clients expect of us and extend our services to small businesses and individuals alike.  Those in the business of television broadcast news/sports production  know how expensive  professional video production can be!  On one side you’ve got all the vital staff needed for a given video production: camera operators, sound technicians, lighting and grip folks, producers, directors, production assistants, teleprompter operators, makeup artists, etc.  Then you add to that all the equipment needed:  cameras, lighting, audio gear, camera switchers, computers, hardware encoders and decoders for fiber transmission, teleprompter, etc.  Once you add up all the costs, it can become quite prohibitive for a small business or individual looking to produce a professional internet show or commercial!   Our solution to make professional video production more affordable to small businesses and individuals (who don’t have the budget of say Fox News or CNN) was to streamline  our in studio productions into what has become known as “LIVE FROM FSS!”  The commercial video we had produced below highlights and explains how Florida Sun Studios has brought broadcast quality production to the public we serve as our clients go “LIVE FROM FSS!”