Live Internet Streaming is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your audience.  Until recently, only a select few, notably celebrities, had access to the powerful feature of Facebook Live!

Now, Facebook Live is available to anyone with an iPhone, smart tablet or webcam on their laptop!  Friends can instantly watch a live video message from their community of Facebook friends, view anything from live video status updates to the latest trends and social media buzz.

But for those folks needing a more professional image to promote their brand and business, producing a Facebook Live video using an inexpensive camera with poor video and audio quality is a sure way to turn away potential clients and customers no matter how great your product and services may be!  Facebook Live Business Videos demand a higher quality production!

First impressions mean everything!  That’s why our remote, uplink Fort Lauderdale based studio (servicing all of South Florida, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach Counties)  is offering our state of the art news studio to produce your Facebook Live and YouTube Live videos.  The same studio that services all the major news and sports networks (including Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, HLN, CNBC to name a few) is offering affordable Facebook Live and YouTube Live productions to you!   No need to spend tens of thousands of dollars designing and setting up your own professional broadcast studio!  Add to that, the cost of hiring professional camera operators, sound technicians, producers, directors, graphic artists, and other crew to run your productions!

FSS is your complete turnkey professional broadcast solution that won’t break the bank!  FSS has three studios sets, all of which are soundproofed, lit with professional studio lighting, and equipped with huge HD cameras.  The smaller “liveshot sets” each have a 70 and 80 inch LED TV monitor in their respective set.   The largest set is a green screen set, equipped with three HD cameras, and is used to broadcast entire TV and internet shows via our all in one Tricaster camera switcher, complete with graphics and titling, a professional Skype TX Talk Show Box, multiple phone lines (for talk shows, satellite media tours, talent IFB programming etc).  The studio has dedicated fiber lines (both inbound and outbound) and our internet streaming productions run off of this privately managed dedicated fiber!

FSS is the ultimate all in one video production studio servicing news/sports networks and small businesses alike.  Our studio also offers field camera crews, live event production (both in studio and onsite), commercials, PSA’s, corporate and small business videos and anything that can be filmed against a green screen!

So, if you’re looking for a professional, affordable  studio to broadcast your daily, weekly and monthly Facebook Live and YouTube Live videos contact us at Florida Sun Studios!

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