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Yesterday’s LIVE FROM FSS show was exciting and explosive! Our Fort Lauderdale production studio welcomed Larry Lawton, a former jewel thief who spent 11+ years locked up in maximum security federal prisons, before turning his life around a full 180 degrees. Larry transformed himself into a motivational speaker, who made it his life mission to help and mentor troubled youth caught up on the wrong side of the law, with drugs, gangs and crime. Lawton is the founder of the Reality Check Program, a court mandated program that offenders must complete. The program educates these folks on the dangers and consequences that “bad choices” can have on their lives, giving them a no nonsense, realistic look at what a life stripped of all freedoms and behind bars can be like.

Larry gave the audience a show and tell demonstration of homemade objects he made while in prison and the survival skills he developed to stay alive! Larry showed our audience how he obtained a razor blade in prison, make a fire with no match or lighter. construct a homemade tattoo gun, make alcohol, and conceal contraband without being detected by any of the prison guards. And a little clue, it has to do with what’s known as “suitcasing.” And I’m not referring to getting ready and packing suitcases for a destination vacation!

Larry Lawton is also an honorary police officer and the first and only ex-con to be recognized on the floor of the U.S. Congress. He’s also been featured on many news networks and is often called upon to be a studio guest when there is breaking news pertaining to prison escapes, high stakes jewelry robberies and other crime related stories. Larry also co-authored the book entitled Gangster Redemption, along with New York Times Best Selling Author, Peter Golenbock.

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