Our Fort Lauderdale satellite uplink studio proudly welcomed Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary to our studio set! O’Leary recently announced and confirmed on CNN’s Don Lemon’s show his intention to run in Canada’s next presidential election. He would be running as the leader for Canada’s conservative party.

He made a direct challenge to current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during the interview at our studio. O’Leary believes his native Canada is heading in the wrong direction economically and that the country needs a business minded leader to bring it back to prosperity.

Don Lemon focused on the parallels of both O’Leary and Donald Trump being successful businessman, with Trump inaugurated as our nation’s 45th president. While O’Leary acknowledged that both he and Trump are successful businessmen and reality television celebrities, he differentiated himself by speaking about his immigrant roots. O’Leary, a Canadian immigrant who is half Lebanese and half Irish, seemed to dismiss Trump’s idea of national border walls (as Trump has proposed between the United States and Mexico) and instead described Canada as an “inclusive” country, very reliant on it’s immigrant population and workforce. O’Leary says counties globally want business minded folks who have “executional experience” to run their countries and are not drawn to the traditional politicians of the past.