Wouldn’t it be nice to just walk in, mic up and start recording? That’s exactly what happens when you record remote television interviews at Florida Sun Studios. Let’s talk for a minute about the benefits of local remote interview studios for executives, experts, and people with busy schedules.

When you’re in demand, it’s hard to fly across the country for an in-person interview. Why? You’re busy. You want to make the appearance to promote your brand and company, but you can’t drop everything to spend hours upon hours in an airport. Luckily… thanks to modern technology, and high-quality HD recording studios like Florida Sun Studios, you can still provide live TV interviews but eliminate travel and scheduling challenges. It’s a win, win for everyone…


For your next remote interview at Florida Sun Studios here are a few tips:


Before you come in for the interview, do your homework. You’re going to save some flight time, spend that time learning more about who you’ll be speaking with and what kind of questions you can expect from them. Do a little research on the news outlet or publication you’re speaking with as well. Knowing this will help you know who the audience is, and how you can tailor your answers to them specifically.


Be careful about using humor during a live interview. A light-hearted joke may be OK, but today’s audiences are very sensitive, a joke to you may be offensive to another culture or person


Get comfortable with our studio. Make sure you arrive early, so we have plenty of time to go through the upcoming process. Knowing what’s coming is half the battle against stress and avoiding mistakes. We’ll go through all the cues and make sure you know exactly what’s happening at all times.


During the Interview keep these tips in mind:


  • Sit up straight with your shoulders back and make eye contact with the camera.


  • Look straight at the barrel of the camera. Yes, it feels kind of weird talking to nobody, but it’s important for you to create the appearance that you’re right there talking to the interviewer and audience.


  • Understand there may be some connection issues and don’t let it fluster you. We have some of the best broadcasting technology and equipment in Southern Florida, but sometimes the connection on their side or ours can cause delays. Don’t panic, keep looking at the camera and make sure you’ve heard the entire question before responding. Sometimes it’s even wise to wait a couple seconds after you hear the question to make sure the interviewer is done speaking and you don’t interrupt.


It sounds difficult, but it’s really not. Our hi-tech equipment and years of experience doing this with the top networks in the country mean you’re in good hands. We’ll make it easy and seamless.


If you’re looking for the best production studio in South Florida for remote interviews, give us a call. We’re here to answer questions and make your life easier.