Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month, you’re very aware of the “kneeling for the flag” controversy that has swept through the NFL and sparked serious debates across the country. We had the opportunity to meet up with Jack Brewer, a former NFL Star that now heads his own company, The Brewer Group, as he participated in the national debate as a guest on Fox News’ Sean Hannity show.


The debate was passionate, which is to be expected. Regardless of what side you land on, emotions are strong and it’s great to have an open dialog and a platform for different opinions and thoughts to be shared. Jack Brewer was able to share his and stand up for what he believes, and we are happy that we were able to give him a place to publicly share his feelings and express his concerns. Brewer is pushing for a solution to the problems that are causing a rift in our society, and we couldn’t agree more, it’s time to come together and work on solutions that will unite us instead of problems that will divide us.


Brewer is a highly successful student, athlete, businessman, speaker, media personality, and philanthropist. And just spending a few minutes around him it’s easy to see why. A quick read of the Brewer Group website will tell you everything you need to know.


Brewer chose Florida Sun Studios to ensure he had the best possible broadcast quality for his important interview on the Sean Hannity show. We were able to set him up with a green screen background and give him the professional look he was after. Contact us today if you’re after a similar result!