Media Training Fort Lauderdale Video Production Studio!

The truth is this: TV and radio interviews are your opportunity to shine, and the last thing you want to do is blow it! TV interviews are the “gold standard” because even after all these years, that’s still where the eyeballs are! TV is arguably still more important than social media! Especially on the network level.

With that in mind, it’s important to remember, if your media presence is poor, people will stop watching. It’s that simple. It can range from lack of eye contact, to stammering and stuttering when you talk, to knowing how to answer unanticipated questions, and more. It’s important you get it right, and in today’s social media world where everyone can be “on camera” with the push of a button on their smartphone, it’s critical that you not only be media savvy, but media savvy with a social media perspective. Proper media training can be the difference between creating a strong positive public impression or a truly negative one.

At Florida Sun Studios we make it our mission to ensure your appearance on camera is a positive experience for you and a positive representation of your brand or company. Our customized and tailored media training Fort Lauderdale courses are developed from FSS studio owner Scott Wolfson’s 20+ years as a news journalist working for both local and network news stations. With experience as an assignment editor, field producer, photojournalist, and studio owner, his courses are by far the best and most comprehensive training you’ll find in South Florida.

Here are just a few of the points he touches on for Media Training Fort Lauderdale services:

Make sure your message is clear. What are the main points you’re trying to communicate, and what is the best way to get this across to your target audience?

How to prepare for an interview. Like most things in life, success is usually determined by how much preparation and homework you do before the event. Media appearances are no different.

How to dress appropriately. You’ll know what you can and can’t wear for green screen appearances, and what you should and shouldn’t wear for any interview.

The small things make a huge difference. It’s things like maintaining eye contact, staying on message, pausing and thinking before you answer. Knowing how to keep your message brief and to the point. You want to make sure you have all these little nuances down, and FSS Media Training does exactly that.

Understanding social media. We’ll help you understand what media options you have on social networks. Depending on your business and message, one may work better than another. We are there to help you navigate through the social media maze and ensure you present your best self while doing it.

When we’re talking about media training Fort Lauderdale, the bottom line is this: In today’s online and social media world, something can go viral in seconds, and that means media training is MUCH more important today than it was just 20 years ago.

We help you avoid putting yourself and your company in a bad situation. Don’t be misquoted, photographed or videotaped in the wrong way, or say something you’ll regret. A small investment in the right training can save massive headaches and stress in a world where one mistake can be shared across multiple networks instantaneously!

Contact us today to set up a customized media training session. And if you’ve booked an interview already, let FSS coach you through the entire process. We service all the network news stations!