Live Internet Show Production Fort Lauderdale Studio

Have you ever dreamed of and had aspirations of hosting your own TV talk show, sportscast, or lifestyle & entertainment show? You’ve probably seen daytime television talk shows and infotainment news style shows that blanket local and cable airwaves. And you can picture yourself right there, in the anchor seat, hosting your own show!

But after a while, you begin to wonder who are those folks that actually land those amazing network gigs? The rich and famous? The lucky few? Add to that, the exorbitant costs involved in producing your own broadcast television show. And if that’s not enough, you then need to overcome the enormous hurdle and unlikely task of convincing a major television network like NBC, Fox News, or CNBC that your show is a worthwhile investment for them and their audience. Good luck! Once you begin to absorb everything that’s involved, the realization sets in that the chances of striking gold and landing that amazing network talk show are rather slim to none.


At Florida Sun Studios, we hear you loud and clear! And we have a solution: LIVE FROM FSS is the professional platform we extend to those interested in hosting their own show, promoting their unique brand and business, and getting their message out there!

The same Fort Lauderdale production studio servicing all the major news/sports networks (Fox News, CNN, ESPN, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.) extends our professional green screen studio to the South Florida market that we service.

Livestream Production Studio

Our Fort Lauderdale television news studio offers clients full access to broadcast-quality production. We’ll give you all the bells and whistles you’re accustomed to seeing on television everyday… Everything from multiple camera angles, in studio guests, remote Skype video calls, virtual green-screen sets, graphics, titles and much, much more!The best news? We offer our services at a mere fraction of the price it would cost to produce your own show.

Professional Facebook Live/YouTube Live (For Business) Video Production Shows

FSS is a full service video and live Internet show production studio offering the following services: commercials, satellite media tours, corporate videos, media training, internet shows (Facebook Live and YouTube Live), webcasting, and anything and everything that can be filmed against a green screen!

For more information about the LIVE FROM FSS Platform or to book our green screen studio for an upcoming production, send us an email at We look forward to hearing from you as you go “LIVE FROM FSS!”