Frequently Asked Questions

What type of live productions does FSS offer?

FSS is NOW offering both Facebook Live and YouTube Live professional production broadcasts to all of our clients looking to promote/bolster their businesses, and host their own live show!

Florida Sun Studios is a full remote broadcast studio and video production company based in Fort Lauderdale (catering to the tri-county area of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties) that services both network news clients (CNN, FOX, MSNBC, CCTV, AJAM, CBS, CNBC and Bloomberg TV to name a few) as well as small businesses and individuals. Our studio offers both live and “live to tape” internet shows. We broadcast on the internet via a multitude of CDN’s (Content Delivery Networks) depending on our clients’ needs. Our Master Control Room at FSS is outfitted with a Tricaster 460 unit with control surface (an all in one camera switcher, complete post production unit that does graphics, titling, and the ability to stream live on the internet and to social media networks simultaneously). The services our studio provides include: network news/sports remote liveshots, internet broadcasts, (including Facebook Live, YouTube Live), filming commercials, political advertisements, corporate videos, satellite media tours, web commercials, tape/camera play out via fiber feeds, and studio voice overs.

Does FSS broadcast in High Definition?

Yes, FSS broadcasts in High Defintion, either in 1080p, 1080i or 720p, depending on our clients’ particular requirements. Our studio also offers standard definition production as well.

What type of equipment does FSS use to broadcast?

FSS has three state of the art, High Definition studio sets that are lit with with a mixture of 56k daylight Kino Flo Diva [cool] studio lights and LED light panels. All of our studio sets are also fully sound proofed. The largest studio set, is a green screen room that we use to produce entire news and sports broadcasts, Facebook Live/YouTube Live shows, corporate videos, commercials, PSA’s and anything that can be filmed against a green screen! This set is outfitted with three Sony XDCAM Ex1R/1 model cameras that can be manned by camera operators or robotically controlled from our Master Control Room. The smaller two studio sets each have a wall mounted, robotically controlled Sony XDCAM EX1R Cine Alta broadcast camcorder to film the subject. Each of the two smaller studio sets also has a giant 80 inch TV set (in one set) and 70 inch TV set (other set) connected to a Blu ray player and this setup can be used in place of the green screen set if the client prefers.

At the heart of the “Live From FSS” operation is a Tricaster 460 unit with control surface that allows our studio to broadcast live on the internet and TV broadcast network news/sports stations. FSS broadcast via a high speed fiber circuit on the LTN Global network for our broadcast clients. FSS has a local fiber circuit through FPL Fibernet. The studio has a guaranteed dedicated local 50mb up/down fiber circuit. (Note: FSS’ guaranteed dedicated 50mb fiber circuit ensures our studio has optimal internet/fiber connectivity at all times.)

What is the cost of filming Live From FSS?

Clients book FSS by the hour. All quotes are custom designed to fit a client’s particular needs. Network news stations book FSS for “live” or “live to tape” shows in one hour windows. Liveshots are booked at the rate of $650/hour and we can provide a makeup artist and return feed at an additional charge. FSS is also a full video production studio servicing small businesses and individuals alike, looking to produce commercials, internet shows, corporate videos, etc. For production shoots (not news liveshots) there is a minimum two hour booking time with the studio. This gives our clients time for any pre production preparation that is needed. FSS base rates start at $1000 for booking the studio for production shoots. The rate includes: FSS studio technician, studio space and equipment (single HD camera, lights, audio) and use of our IFB/PL lines. Additional Options include: Teleprompter/Teleprompter Operator, Tricaster Production of Live/Taped Internet shows, professional Skype TX interviews/recordings via Newtek’s Talk Show Unit that is integrated with Tricaster, production, multiple camera HD video production, Line/Show Producer, Technical Director/Director, Graphic Artist, Post Production Editing, (including video compression, conversion and transfer of video to client server, hard drive).

**Request an FSS Rate Card (that we can email to you) for a list of all of our services and current rates

Is filming Live From FSS more economical than hiring a production company to film on location?

Yes! The amount of money clients save by filming Live From FSS is huge! The camera(s), audio, lighting, green screen virtual sets and other equipment are already setup and in place at FSS. That means no extra out of pocket costs to hire a film crew (cameraman, sound technician, lighting and grip crew). Also, the tricaster with control surface is mounted in our FSS equipment rack and connected to our cameras output(s). So, there’s no need to add an expensive Tricaster or other professional camera switcher/all in one production unit rental to your expenses! On average, the total cost of hiring a film crew, renting an all in one professional camera/switcher production unit with virtual green screen sets, and a portable live remote truck to transmit the signal, can cost upwards up to $10,000 or more/day.

What is included when booking FSS for live internet streaming/taped segments?

Clients book our studio by the hour or block of hours. Every client’s need is different and our studio has all the equipment to facilitate different shoots. Standard equipment includes: studio set, wall mounted camera, audio, IFB/PL phone lines. Additional options include our tricaster 460 unit with control surface, Tricaster Operator (Technical Director), Producer, Editor(s), Graphic Artist, etc.

How do I book FSS for my live production?

You can call FSS directly at (954) 376-4835 or visit us on the web at and send a detailed email request to us on our contact page. Or, you can also email us directly at

What are FSS’ hours of operation?

FSS is available and open 24/7/365! Being an independently owned, remote uplink broadcast studio, the network news and sports stations rely on our state of the art HD studio being available all the time!

Where is FSS located?

The studio address is: Harbor Walk Building, 1650 SE 17th Street, Suite #202, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316. Florida Sun Studios is located minutes from Fort Lauderdale Beach, Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, Broward County Courthouse, the Federal Courthouse, Port Everglades and many local businesses and restaurants in the area.