Florida Sun Studios (FSS) is thrilled to be your premier full-service broadcast/video production studio in South Florida (covering Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties), providing an unparalleled client experience and diversified studio service offerings. Located in downtown Fort Lauderdale, FSS works with all the major news networks and provides complete video production services to individuals, small businesses and corporations.

We feature state-of-the-art “live shot” TV studio sets and broadcast in both HD and SD signals via high-speed fiber connectivity on the LTN Global Network. Each of our three Fort Lauderdale studio sets is equipped with Sony HD XDCAM EX1 Broadcast Cameras.

The largest of the FSS Fort Lauderdale studio sets is an entire green-screen production room that includes a custom news-style anchor desk with “side wings” for guests, a Tricaster 460 all-in-one camera switcher with control surface, and an enormous 80-inch LED TV set used for multiple guest live shots. This studio set, powered by the Tricaster, gives us unlimited virtual green-screen set options, as well as on-air graphics, and titles for both live television and internet broadcasts. In addition, it has three Sony EX1 cameras that are tripod-mounted on dollies, allowing us maximum flexibility for various productions.

The other two FSS Fort Lauderdale studio sets also have custom news-style desks, and the cameras in those sets are wall-mounted and controlled via robotic pan/tilt systems. While one boasts an 80-inch LED HDTV Monitor and the other, a 70-inch, both can be used as a background to display a still image (such as a skyline shot of Fort Lauderdale) or a video looped through a DVD player (such as a network’s show graphics). All FSS studio sets are lit with 56k daylight and are fully soundproofed.

The signals are output via HD/SDI and SD/SDI connections and transmitted over LTN Global’s “Smart Cloud.” In addition to our outbound fiber lines, our studio also has an incoming fiber line that we use for receiving video such as a show’s “backhaul” graphics or teleprompter feeds for on-air talent. We’re excited to take advantage of LTN Global’s Smart Cloud as it is flexible, scalable, reliable and truly performance enhancing.

Green Screen Production

Florida Sun Studios has an entire studio set dedicated to green-screen production. Whether it’s producing commercial videos, satellite media tours, internet broadcasts, political videos, or entire network news broadcasts, we have you covered!

Our green-screen studio, powered by the Tricaster 460 and control surface, is the complete and ultimate production solution for broadcasters, small businesses and individuals alike! Both the anchor desk and 80-inch LED TV stand are on durable, caster wheels that can be moved in a matter of seconds. Combine all this with the virtual sets and Tricaster unit, and it’s like having the flexibility of a broadway theater production! The best part? Everything is done…Live From FSS!!

Media Training

Florida Sun Studios is where all the network news stations and their guests turn to for remote “live shot” interviews. FSS offers complete media training courses that we customize to suit each of our client’s needs. With more than twenty years of experience in news journalism, working for both local and network news stations, Scott’s vast experience gives him a unique advantage in offering FSS clients the most comprehensive media training available in South Florida.

Florida Sun Studios media training seminars simulate the closest experience you’ll encounter with television news as you go “LIVE FROM FSS!”

Live Event Field Productions

There are times when an event requires that you are in the field and not the studio. Whether it’s a live concert, parade, or community/news/sports event, FSS has you covered. Our flexibility and portability allows us to cover live and taped events in the field. We are your comprehensive production solution.

NEW: Professional Facebook Live/YouTube Live (For Business) Video Production Shows

FSS is excited to announce that we now offer professional Facebook Live and YouTube Live Video Production for small businesses and individuals!

Until very recently, Facebook Live was limited to a lucky few, most notably celebrities. Now, every Facebook user can broadcast live via their smartphone, tablet or desktop/laptop computer. That’s great and all, but what if you want to use this powerful social media platform to promote, advertise and boost your business? Well, image is everything and a shaky hand-held iPhone video paired with bad audio, less than ideal lighting conditions, and unreliable Wi-Fi internet connectivity, are all reasons to consider producing your content professionally.

Understandably, not every small business has tens of thousands of dollars to build their own professional studio, or the time and trusted support necessary to produce a show! We’re proud to say, FSS has your solution.

Our ultra-modern HD studio (servicing all the major news/sports networks like CNN, Fox News, ESPN, and MSNBC to name a few) is now offering professional, affordable Facebook Live and YouTube Live Video Productions!

Satellite Media Tours

Our studios provide the perfect setup for satellite media tours. We offer an unlimited number of backgrounds to suit your needs. Many local television stations book studio guests who are experts in a variety of fields to broadcast a specific message. That message is either taped for later airing or broadcast live. The “expert” can be an artist, performer, author, doctor, attorney, or spokesperson promoting an upcoming event, industry trend or book release.

Satellite media tours are generally one-on-one interviews conducted with television news anchors and journalists who can report from a remote location (such as FSS) with the option of airing it live. One advantage of a satellite media tour is that the taped or live segment can be picked up by other television stations in different markets, eliminating the need to individually tape the same segment at different locations. Satellite media tours are an impactful, cost-effective marketing tool. Your “expert” will feel right at home in our studios!

Video News Releases

These edited video news clips are created to promote specific products and services, then shared with TV stations that distribute them to a mass audience.

At FSS, we’ll make sure your VNR looks professional and attractive to your clients. We handle the entire process from generating story ideas, writing scripts, providing on-camera talent and voice-over recordings to shooting/editing the video, adding post-production graphics and web compression.

ENG Camera Crews

Florida Sun Studios provides professional broadcast-quality ENG camera crews ready to cover everything from breaking news, general assignments, sports, politics and feature news stories. Please call us today for a list of our current rate card.

Non-Linear Editing

We are excited to feature multiple Apple Macintosh Computer Non-Linear Editing Systems. We have both the Final Cut Studio Suite (which includes Final Cut Pro 7, Compressor, Motion, and DVD Studio Pro) as well as Final Cut X. We also have the Adobe Production Premium Suite that includes: Premiere Pro 6, Adobe Media Encoder, Encore, Photoshop and After Effects. In addition to editing, we are also a full post-production operation offering post-production graphics, video compression for the web, Blu-ray and DVD authoring, and DVD duplication.

Radio and Television Voiceovers

We frequently book out our studio sets to professional commercial voiceover artists, radio and television correspondents and clients looking to record professional voiceover audio tracks. Each of our studio sets is fully soundproofed and equipped with the very best voiceover/audio equipment to record broadcast-quality audio tracks.